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We offer a wide range of decorative concrete applications, coatings, overlays, repairs, and resurfacing options. Tired of the ordinary concrete and want something more appealing but does not compromise function?

Concrete Coatings and Overlays: Residential and Commercial Applications

Concrete is everywhere, anywhere you go. The grey, sturdy slabs greet you! Take an exciting walk indoors and outdoor when you get masterfully crafted concrete floors decorated with premium quality overlays and coatings. Say no more to ordinary cold and grey concrete.

Get the best creative and decorative resurface solutions when you work with our team of highly- experienced decorative concrete resurfacing contractors and installers.

We offer trusted service and durable outcomes. Work with us and enjoy the following benefits.

Top-ranking decorative concrete contractors are here for you! Get in touch with our team today and find out the latest products and services to take the floors in your properties to the next level with the ultimate resurfacing solutions for you today!

Our Services

Modern and classic concrete floor applications. Finish the floors with the following exclusive products:

grey stamped concrete patio

Stamped Concrete

Have a replica of the most stylish outdoor floor designs with stamped concrete patterns. The natural look of stone, slate, brick, pavers, and wood is possible with a single pour of concrete, finished with stamps.

stained concrete floor living room

Stained Concrete

Simply stunning interior floor is all you need inside your home. Make your life look and feel luxurious with easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain stain concrete floors. Water and acid stain colors available.

epoxy coated garage floor

Epoxy Coating

Your garage and basement will transform into a dynamic and creative space at home and in commercial spaces. Epoxy floors let you uplift a boring look into the most crafty and modern flooring design.

spray knockdown pool deck

Classic Texture

Bring the balance of appearance, fun and safety with textured concrete finishing. A Sundek classic spray knockdown texture is the perfect match for your decks around the pool.

Man spreading a cement layer in a damaged concrete

Concrete Repairs

Durable concrete floors lasts long and will only need significant repairs once in a while. Fill those cracks or refinish the floors faded with sears and receive them with the most innovative and efficient concrete repair applications.

Concrete Surfaces WE Specialize in

Cabinets and bikes inside a garage that has epoxy flooring

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando works with the best team of licensed contractors, designers, installers, and homegrown flooring crafters. Rely on our fast, credible, committed contractors who provide polished and seamless decorative concrete floors who can answer all of your questions.

Beautifully Crafted Concrete at Every Turn: Serving Local Clients since 1970

Residential homes and commercial properties are not complete without beautiful and durable concrete floors. A seamless floor is all you need to make your walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and interior floorings stand out!

Only dedicated and skillful flooring artisans can bring out the natural appeal of a stunning concrete floor. What can Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractors do for you? Take a closer look at our most valuable team of expert decorative floor installers.

  • Outstanding service crafting every homeowner and businesses client’s dream flooring since 1970
  • Authorized SunDek dealer making sure every product and material are high quality, first-class, and from a trusted brand
  • Years of experience in repair, resurfacing, concrete touch-up and fulfilling every project that trademarks homegrown residences, customers and clients
  • A locally-owned concrete resurfacing company that works closely with the locals is supported by the locals and brings out the best in the locals!
  • Decorative contractors, licensed, bonded, and reliable, offer FREE ESTIMATES, free site visits, and cater to many ideas and floor customizations.
  • Services nearby areas in the greater and downtown Orlando, get in touch with us and check out our works near and in Bithlo Splash Pad, Skyhouse, and Vineyard Wine store.

Build for Perfection Concrete Overlays and Coatings

Are you worried about the damage that the cracks seem to indicate on the floor’s surface? How about an outdated look of aged old concrete from your Historical houses. Or have you inherited an heirloom property but also got the old damages on the concrete handed down to you?

Say goodbye to unattractive and grey areas. Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando brings you the latest and finest solutions to revamp the floors anywhere there is concrete: garage, basement, driveway, sidewalk, patios, and even pool decks.

Enjoy the concrete resurfacing choices you can adapt in your home or business entities. Overlays and coatings help fix minor and major flooding issues, and there is no need for breaking the ground and digging out slabs. Save time and resources with the following cost-saving flooring solutions:

Are you looking for trusted, 100% fast, reliable concrete floor contractors near you? Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando team of experts is close to your home, and no need to look further. Have cost-effective solutions and save expenses when you contact a local contractor.

Do you have other concrete flooring projects in mind? Etching, stenciling, microtoppings, concrete sealing, staining, polishing, exposed aggregate, glaze, sealer, or topcoat? Call Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando Florida now, and we’ll get you the full details. FREE QUOTE! FREE ESTIMATE!

We are your top choice, concrete floor authority in your neighborhood.

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