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The Best Applications for Your Concrete Driveway

When you walk onto someone’s property, the driveway is the first thing you’ll see. That part of your home also allows everyone to peek at what type of people are inside. If that concerns you, keep reading!

For you to make a pleasing curb appeal, it is highly advised by home designers to invest in building lovely driveways and entryways. For a driveway that looks like a million dollars, you need to install the concrete in the best way possible.

Let’s say that’s your plan. Finish this guide to determine which applications are best for you and your driveway parts.

Stained concrete in a luxury residential home

Do your Driveways Need Repair?

Your concrete should be checked and fixed if you live in a place like Orlando, where the weather changes significantly.

Heat and humidity can affect any sturdy concrete. The surface would crumble easily or crack and break in no time if it had no coating or if sealants had faded or washed off.

Getting the help of the experts of Driveway resurfacing Orlando is necessary to protect people and cars from getting hurt.

You need driveway resurfacing if your concrete has a lot of fading, discoloration, cracks, potholes, sinking, etc., which can damage car wheels and cause accidents. No one will take an ugly and unsafe path!

Concrete Applications You Can Use

Here are the top four concrete applications you can use:

Replacing the Overlay

To resurface a concrete driveway, you can replace the overlay.

Overlaying is a way to fix or resurface concrete by adding a layer of polymer-modified concrete that is almost invisible and can be up to 2 inches thick. You can stamp, broach, or leave an overlay smooth. Some are also self-leveling, so you don’t need to trowel.

  • With overlays, you can:
  • Stamp stone molds to the concrete
  • Stain or Stencil the concrete
  • Seal it with epoxy coating


The goal of resurfacing is the same as that of refinishing. But instead of adding a new layer of cement, the surface is usually polished and ground before you can add new designs with stains or sealants.


Concrete restoration is just the process of fixing old or broken concrete. Restoring concrete helps it look like its former glory and look. You can do the following for simple restoration:

  • Use antiquing stains to draw attention to specific spots.
  • Use a sealant with a color like epoxy coating.
  • Clean the area, then sand it down and seal it again.
  • Use a brand made for restoration purposes.

Replace All Concrete

If repair or restoration aren’t options, learn about driveway pouring costs. Remember that replacing may cost more than running a new layer because repairing, removing, and fixing the damage costs money.

Driveway Areas To Watch For

Below are common parts you need to check and see in the driveway area if they are still in superb shape.

Stamped concrete walkway


Pathways are great places to stamp and stain with stencils. They’re the most exciting and consistent parts of your driveway, meaning you can put more art here to enhance the walkway.

Concrete Stairs

Now concrete stairs should be smooth. Before you polish, you can add anti-skid additives to your concrete overlay for safer concrete stairs. That can help you have an exposed aggregate texture.

Concrete Ramps

Concrete ramps should be seamless, but you can add a slight texture, so they are not too slippery. You can broom finish, score definite lines, or stamp circle bumps into the concrete for PWD.

Driveway To The Conclusion

Talking to a local concrete contractor is the best way to determine the best method for your concrete floor.
They can:

  • Visit and look at the floor
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Tell you what application level to use.

It could mean replacing your overlay, or it could be a combination of resurfacing and refinishing. The contractors of Driveway Resurfacing Orlando can also tell you if you need to replace your whole concrete driveway.

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