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Commercial Maintenance Systems to Create Polished Floors

Unlike residential floors, commercial concrete floors require hardcore maintenance. You must take steps to keep the floors seamless and polished at all times. But, it can be challenging since commercial spaces have moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Fortunately, commercial concrete services provide several maintenance systems to keep your commercial floors looking perfect. From waxing and buffing to sealing and polishing, there are plenty of options for creating polished commercial floors.

Man buffing the floor fro polishing

Why You Need Commercial Maintenance to Polish the Floors

The combination of commercial activity and foot traffic can quickly wear down the floor’s quality. Daily movement can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and grime and affect the appearance and lifespan of the concrete floor.

Commercial establishments need consistent upkeep and care to keep the vicinity spotless. It is also a means to promote safety for everyone who uses the building. Regular maintenance likewise keeps the commercial floors in good condition. In the long run, commercial maintenance extends the useful life of your property.

Defining Different Maintenance Systems to Polish Floors

There are a lot of maintenance methods for concrete floor services. The following focus on the main steps or general cleaning and repairs typical for public spaces with heavy foot traffic.

Let’s define each:


Waxing refers to removing old layers of wax and then restoring shine to the floor.

The cleaning crew applies a stripping solution to the flooring. The solution helps to remove old wax and accumulated dirt from the surface. The team then scrubs the surface using an auto scrubber or a vacuum with steel wool or black pad. They then rinse the area and remove the residue.

When the floor is thoroughly clean, the crew applies a new layer of wax or floor finish to make it shiny.

man working on a floor


Buffing, or spray buffing, refers to using a buffing machine to remove dirt. The cleaning crew sprays a solution to fill nicks and scuffs and buffs it to create shine.

The buffer has rotating pads that move slowly and spin on the floor during cleanup. Buffing removes scratches and nicks on the surface and restores luster to the floor.


Concrete sealing entails applying a sealer to protect the flooring. The cleaning crew cleans the surface first to remove dirt and all traces of old sealants. Then, they apply a thin coat of concrete floor sealer using a sprayer or roller and let it dry.

After the second application, they wax the surface to prolong the life of the sealer. Through sealing, you can preserve the appearance of your concrete flooring for a long time.

man applying a sealer to a concrete floor


Polishing means grinding down a concrete surface to get a high-polished shine. During grinding, the cleaning crew uses a machine fitted with diamond abrasives. It helps to remove blemishes, minor pits, and dirt on the floor.

The grinding process starts with low-grit abrasives and progresses to finer grits of polishing discs. The crew then applies a sealer to protect the floor. With polishing, concrete floors get a smooth, glossy look.


Interior building space map of commercial building with polished floor

In conclusion, commercial concrete services provide a range of commercial maintenance systems. These help keep commercial floors looking polished. Use different methods to give the floor a lustrous finish without replacing the entire flooring.

By investing in commercial maintenance programs now, you can save yourself time and money. Having a proper maintenance routine for your concrete floors helps preserve their lifespan. 

You also keep people safe, and your property is maintained well. Contact Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando and maintenance experts for the appropriate concrete maintenance and for your commercial flooring transformation program. 

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