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Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Services

Are you still looking for the best solution for commercial spaces? With effective concrete resurfacing cost? Combining quality form and function seems impossible. No, it is not.

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando provides you with the ultimate business solution and flooring space improvement. Introducing commercial concrete resurfacing!

Floors transform, and any space looks stunning. It leaves a lasting impression on anyone who takes a glance. Your floors spaces are a keystone attracting more audience for your business.

Pet store

Consider the floors the crowning glory of your commercial space, a small retail store, office, or any business establishment. A seamless surface paves the way for smooth transactions. Care for the floors and the floors would invite the customers to your business spaces.

re you interested in exploring a variety of ideas and designs to enhance your property? Reach out to dependable contractors from Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando and discover our exceptional service and qualifications! Schedule a consultation today!

Concrete Resurfacing: Fast Application, No Downtime!

Commercial concrete resurfacing is the best solution for your high-traffic flooring areas. The Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando team is your top choice for polishing and finishing the floor, especially if you got the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Airplane hangers
  • Hospitality areas
  • Medical facilities
  • Gyms and sports centers
  • Parks and country clubs
Successful contractor smiling

A professional concrete contract would provide the best, most polished-looking overlays for busy spaces. Business areas have the heaviest trafficked floors. You need a reliable service team for floor spaces exposed to non-stop wear-and-tear and let them have the floors while you take care of the business.

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando knows every overlay method that suits any commercial flooring space. Your commercial concrete floors only deserve professional service and solutions. Our team of expert flooring contractors is the best choice for you. Why? Here are the unique qualities and credentials our team of commercial concrete contractors has. Explore the range of options, benefits, and attention to detail our experts provide for your commercial flooring needs.

  • Resurfacing commercial areas for decades, since 1970
  • Years of experience of dealing with local business owners and bringing results close to the heart of every client
  • Polished and seamless results for efficient and effective resurfacing and repair solutions
  • Authorized Sundek dealer making sure of quality raw materials and trusted brand of service
  • An established authority in producing the most masterfully crafted decorative concrete floors anywhere.
  • Dedicated and skilled contractors who are licensed, bonded, and certified experts bring back your investment in your spaces.
  • Guaranteed services NO obligation, Free ESTIMATES, and also offers unlimited customizations fitting your needs.

Commercial Concrete Services

  • Concrete polishing for massive and small retail spaces
  • Concrete restoration
  • Concrete refinishing
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Concrete repairs
  • Overalls and commercial concrete coatings
  • Commercial interior floors
  • Commercial concrete driveways, pool decks, and patios

Experts in the business need experts services to match your quality of service. Also, local contractors are a breeze to work with, caring for the same value as most local clients would have.

Applications Available

Your flooring spaces should help your business climb a notch higher, and the service and applications you can use for them should offer cost-effectivity and result in no downtime installation. Here are tried-and-tested flooring methods and services that transform business areas indoors and outdoors.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete stamping methods let you have the most loved flooring application. Stamped concrete floor patterns allow you to look at expensive wood, marble, slate, brick, and even travertine.

You can also customize the stamps to make them coincide with your business theme and even customize stamped concrete color combinations.

Commercial concrete entryway floors with stain
Earth colored stain in concrete patio

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete floors are fantastic for interiors, massive commercial areas, and high traffic floors.

It is easy to maintain so that cleaning takes seconds and business goes on as usual. Stained concrete gives off different hues from earthy colors to grey stained concrete floors

Epoxy Floors

Commercial epoxy floorings are the one to best. Have customized epoxy floors designs and impress anyone with polished and high-gloss surfaces.

It is a worthy investment, especially for spaces that generate profit.

Work in progress with epoxy flooring
Spray knockdown coating pool deck with spa and falls feature

Spray Knockdown Texture

Commercial outdoor concrete would level up with the unique spray textured concrete floor. Make your business mark its brand with these knockdown texture spray concrete finishes.

Concrete Repair

Cracks, pitting, and common concrete issues will be no match for hardcore professionals specializing in renovation, maintenance, and concrete repair

Leave the messy groundbreaking job, such as overlay, cutting, grilling, refining, sealing, and installation, to experts who have the complete concrete repair kit you’ll ever need. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and witness the durability our top-tier services can bring to your property!


Man spreading a cement layer in a damaged concrete

With a trusted resurfacing company, your property would indeed benefit before from the following:

  • Cost-efficient flooring service
  • Easy to maintain concrete floor
  • Durable form and high-functioning floors
  • Worthy of investment flooring applications repairs
  • High-class looking floor for high-traffic areas that add more value to our commercial spaces
Need your commercial spaces to arrive a notch higher? Hire a top-ranked, leading decorative concrete team! Talk to our contractors and have your areas visited for inspection. Plan your dream floor today! Free-quote!
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