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Top Decorative Concrete Options For Pool Deck

The Concrete Pool Deck Orlando is built to have a comfortable feel for the bare feet, which is unique to pool deck materials compared to other outdoor concrete. 

Applications are made explicitly for concrete pool decks to achieve distinct pool decking texture. Also, a separate team of professionals would specialize in producing this outdoor concrete. Of course, you need them for this specific job, and you would not want your pool decks to look like patios or driveways.

Here are the common concrete pool decking options you must know:

  1. Spray knockdown texture
  2. Stamped concrete
  3. Exposed aggregate 
  4. Stained pool decks

Concrete Pool decks 101: The Top Choice for Decorative Pool Decking

1- Spray Knockdown Texture

First up, you got the spray knockdown texture. Knockdown texture is the most sought-after pool design option to date! Why? If you have ever heard about the classic cool decking style, then the spray finish is its enhanced version in terms of other surface resistance. 

Cooling systems on an outdoor concrete service around swimming pools are achieved using an acrylic-based coating, enhancing a regular concrete finish. The knockdown texture is the newest craze among residential and commercial pol owners because it brings excellent anti-slip features. At the same time, it locks in the cool effects and maintains a comfy non-heating deck even if exposed to the sun.

Cream colored spray knockdown texture flooring in a residential pool deck

2- Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Up next is the stamped concrete pool decks. Stamping is a typical choice for practical homeowners. This application is convenient to use. Whether you got an old existing pool decking system or planning to resurface the area with a brand new material 

Stamped concrete uses stamping mats where distinct patterns like stone cuts, slate, wood plank, and even bricks would emerge from the concrete decks. 

Concrete stamping application is one of the best options for the steps around pols because it brings a fantastic slip resistance from stamped patterns installed over an ordinary concrete slab. The designs also add to the surface traction, repelling the incident of slipping or tripping. It has a smooth and even finish that makes water quickly removed without having it spread over the decks. 

Multicolored stamped concrete pool deck

3- Exposed Aggregate 

Exposed aggregate would probably have the most efficient slip resistance. It uses aggregate as the finishing element that gives added texture, giving more friction on the surface. However, the aggregated look does not feel rough but would have a distinct, desirable feel under bare feet. It is also a great material to prevent moisture from spreading on the surface and leaking inside the decking materials.

You can tell the installer how much exposure you would want. This application would reveal the mixture of glass shards, tiny pebbles, gravel, and silica sand combo.

Exposed aggregate finish close up

4- Stained Pool Decks

Pool deck staining is a common choice for residential pool owners, and it does not use many complicated tools and techniques. This is the same as the stained concrete used for interiors, with a slight difference in the finishing touches. 

The stained concrete pool decks are finished with an acrylic coating to make pigments last and let the material withstand the outdoor elements. 

Stained pool deck finish in a residential area
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