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Do you see immediate signs of concrete floor damages like cracks, holes, omitting concrete, or crumbling cement on the surface? You need a fast and reliable concrete repair contractor who can cover up the flaws on the floor and prevent severe cases of damages that may arise in the future.

But you would also need a reliable solution that temporarily fixes the issues. Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractor does precisely all these. The Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando team consists of dedicated and dependable concrete floor repairs and installation specialists. They can tell if a particular method can still save the floor or an installation or resurfacing is the best way to fix them. 

Our concrete repair team has a lot of resurfacing options to offer residents, such as concrete stamping, staining, classic texture, epoxy and more! Depending on the damage’s intensity, we can surely figure out the best solution for you!

concrete floor screed

So before you worry about the fate of the concrete, here are a few credentials you need to know about our local contracting company!

  • Experienced contractors delivering top quality home repair solutions for decades
  • A Sundek authorized dealers, so you can assure that the tools and technology used in every project came from a trusted brand and trustworthy service.
  • Cost-efficient repair solutions that prevent you from spending too much on new installation
  • With aesthetically pleasing results, have your old concrete revised and restored like a new floor.
  • Friendly and honest professionals who lay down details specifics and avoid faulty subcontract fees
  • Fast and efficient repair solution that makes the concrete last longer
Our highly skilled concrete repair contractor specializes in addressing a wide range of concrete issues, including spalled, pitted, flaking, and delaminated surfaces caused by freeze thaw cycles and water damage. We provide expert solutions for both residential and commercial properties, from driveways and sidewalks to parking lots and pool decks, ensuring safe and durable surfaces that can withstand heavy traffic and the harshest weather conditions while maintaining a visually appealing and inviting appearance.

Repair Process: Professional Artisan at Work

The essential steps proceed before a specific repair from the damages used above. All repair methods must begin with slab probation. Standard procedures involved here are polishing, grinding, and patching. These are the core or repairs. There are knitty-gritty stages that an ordinary person cannot pay attention to.

So, need repair? Call now Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando and set a consultation with a professional. Email or call us at (407) 710-0276. Free Quote!
Two workers in dirty clothes stamping a concrete

Why Do You Need A Concrete Floor Repair?

There are plenty of ways to repair cracks on the concrete.

Other damages would not need to put too much worry on your pockets. And suppose it is time and effort that you want to see. In that case, the Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractors can do more efficiently and produce quality results.

Reports do not have to be expensive.

Here are the benefits you can get when professional concrete contractors handle your damaged and worn-out floor:

  • Save resources from expensive installation, preserve existing concrete, and make them increase durability.
  • Maintain a well-kept concrete with a practical finish
  • Rears achieved through practical applications like refinish, repolishing, resurfacing crack patching, and more
  • Fast application and no downtime repair solutions

Find Out The Type Of Repair Requirements And Type Of Concrete Damages

Hiring a professional concrete repair contractor makes it easy for you to identify the proper method to employ on a damaged floor. But first, you need assurance. After applying a fix, you only want to avoid fault assessment to produce the worst issues. Only finding out at the end that a wrong method took place.

Avoid assumptions from your DIY experience. Not all cracks on the floor can be resolved with your skills. The best step is to call the pros and master artisans of concrete resurfacing and repairs. Identifying concrete repair and common concrete problems.

Concrete cracks are common. One of the pros’ amazing skills is to tell what causes the cracks. Here are typical issues that emerge on worn out and old floors:

Cracked Concrete

Thin hairline-like creases can be unseen most of the time, but you see them grow and develop gaps from within the crack as time goes by.

That needs serious attention that would require you for concrete repair. A common fix for cracks is patching or filling, and resurfacing with overlays is also a practical approach for cracked outdoor concrete.

Tree roots causing damage to sidewalk
Chipped concrete


Chipping may develop and start from thin cracks. Often a heavy object triggers a crack leading to chipping on the surface. Resurfacing the overalls is the best fix for this.

Uneven Areas

One of the common and complicated problems on the floor is uneven areas. They could come from man-made mistakes like faulty installation or a natural phenom caused by ground movement.

Either way, you need a pro to identify and make a correct assessment.

Evident cracks in exterior concrete
Stained and blemished concrete

Blemished Concrete

Blemished and stained concrete means that the concrete surface chemically reacts to a compound that damages the natural color or appearance of the cement. 

Often acid and salt-containing materials blemish the cement surface. This can not be reversed. So, the only way to treat an ugly hard-to-remove stain is by resealing or refinishing the concrete.

Worn-out Concrete

Old age and too much heavy use make a concrete floor shorter lifespan. To aid in this problem, you need concrete restoration or resurfacing to add a layer of durability to the floor material.

  • Increasing cracks
  • Cracks with crumbs forming
  • Deep cracks
  • Corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • An uneven surface with moving cracks
  • Settling issues
  • Crazing
  • Chipping
  • Spalling
Cracked concrete floor

In Orlando, concrete repair services are in high demand among homeowners and businesses alike. Whether it’s fixing driveways, walkways, patios, or sidewalks, customers trust local experts to provide them with accurate estimate for their concrete repair needs. A well-maintained property is essential for both aesthetics and safety, which is why many property owners in Orlando turn to professional contractors for their concrete repair jobs. From repairing foundations to creating beautiful brick patios, these businesses are dedicated to ensuring the longevity and durability of their clients’ concrete structures. Orlando’s concrete repair industry takes pride in serving the diverse needs of its community, making properties safer and more appealing for residents and visitors alike.


Want to learn more about the state of your concrete floor? Reach out to the skilled professionals at Orlando Concrete Resurfacing, conveniently located near you! Don't hesitate, call us at (407) 710-0276 for your complimentary quote today!
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