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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing The Floors With Metallic Epoxy Floor

Today’s blog will show you the wrong ways to use epoxy when designing concrete floors so that you won’t do them. But the more important thing is to know why the epoxy looked terrible and give tips to fix them.

Work in progress with epoxy flooring

You need the tricks which you will read here. Suppose you used metallic epoxy flooring Orlando products. These are no ordinary epoxies; they are specialized ones and require special care.

1. Wrong Temperature

Do not apply the epoxy in temperatures that are too high or too low, as it may not cure correctly and could look streaky or uneven. You should avoid direct sunlight or inclement weather because they can slow down the process and hurt the result.

2. Wrong Timeframe

Don’t rush the prep work! Make sure you thoroughly clean and prepare your floors before applying the epoxy. Otherwise, you will end up with an uneven finish and possibly bubbles in the epoxy. It would be best if you use a timer and are focused on your work to avoid wrong-timing mistakes.

3. Wrong Amount of Epoxy

Don’t apply too much or too little epoxy. Using too much can cause unwanted puddles within your layers or cause them to take longer to dry. Not applying enough will leave patches where you can still see the concrete underneath.

4. Not Applying To Concrete

Don’t put the epoxy directly on the carpet, tile, wood, or any other surface that isn’t concrete. It won’t harden properly and will become brittle over time. So, you shouldn’t try it because you’ll waste your time and money.

5. Not Wearing Safety Gear

Don’t forget to wear the following right safety gear when putting on the epoxy:

  • Respirator
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Chemical-Resistant overalls

That is because breathing in epoxy resin is not good for your lungs, and you need to be safe from chemical splashback, which can irritate your skin.

Two contractors looking at a blueprint while discussing

6. Not Properly Preparing Surface

Don’t skimp on the primer – When using metallic epoxy flooring, it is critical to use a primer before applying the product. Primers help create a bond between the concrete and the new surface so that your finished product will not peel or flake.

You must wait for the new concrete to cure to prime your concrete. Also, make sure the surface is clean before doing anything else. Use the proper primer on your concrete and epoxy to fix any cracks.

7. Not Measuring Everything

Don’t use too much water when cleaning – When mixing the epoxy, it is crucial to use the correct amount. Too much water will weaken the bonding power and won’t leave a lasting finish.

The same is true for any other ratio you need to make epoxy. Putting in more hardeners won’t make the process go faster. You might have thought you were cutting your losses, but you’re losing more.

man mixing epoxy

8. Not Cleaning Anything

Don’t forget to clean up any spills – To ensure a professional-looking finish, cleaning up any spills during installation is essential. To get rid of the soft epoxy, scrape it off with a metal or plastic putty knife. Use the putty knife to scrape as much as possible into a container.

Stop Cutting Corners

Even though putting on epoxy looks fun and satisfying, you should do it seriously. You have to work hard and focus on getting the best results. If you can’t do that, you should hire concrete coating pros who are used to doing this work. You’ll never be sorry that you did the right thing.

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