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Is Your Flooring Boring You Out?

Are your floors dull, damaged or no longer in tune with your personality? If that is the case, you are not the only one. Homeowners often discover that the flooring solutions they currently have can’t withstand the trials of growth over time and fashion changes. As a result, they end up with rooms that look outdated or dull.

Create captivating concrete floorings with stained concrete Orlando in your homes and commercial spaces. Add value to your properties by having stunning floors that exude elegance and sophistication.

A staining application is a great option if you want durable, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing floors. However, achieving these looks does not need to be expensive materials and can be achieved with fast and practical steps.

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando is a top flooring contractor company creating decorative concrete, staining, and more! We have been in the business for more than 10 years now. We have serviced hundreds of property owners with stunning stained contrite floors, And we are here to exceed your expectations.

patio with concrete staining with cozy chairs

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Applications for Homes and Business Areas

If you can see obvious signs of wear and tear on your concrete floors and large cracks have long existed on the flooring surface of your business areas, it is time for staining! Stained concrete is achieved through two types of processes: acid staining and water-based staining.

Types of Concrete Staining

When staining your flooring surfaces, you have two options: water-based stains or acid staining. Stains differ from ordinary coloring methods as they do not fade over time. The staining compounds penetrate the concrete surface, reaching its tiny pores. This gives the concrete a natural coloring and results in a decorative concrete finish with permanent coloration.

Depending on your floors’ needs and the existing condition of the concrete, you can choose between:

Acid-Based Stains

Acid based kitchen flooring stain

Imagine a solid grey concrete floor that suddenly transforms with the dramatic effect of atmospheric streaks and translucent lines. This effect is achieved through acid staining. 

A professional decorative concrete floor contractor applies a staining solution mixed with acid as the compound’s carrier.

As the acid-stain contacts the floor, white-washed streaks appear on the surface, creating a dramatic, matte look.

Water-Based Stains

Stained concrete basement

Water-based stains also produce translucent streaks but with more depth in their appearance.

They create warm, reddish-to-yellowish staining on the flooring surface, resulting in a high-gloss finish. Our flooring contractors can apply a final acrylic sealer to complete the water-based staining process.

Unlike acid-based stains, water-based stains use water as the carrier to adhere the staining solution to the concrete.

Concrete Staining in Orlando: Safety, Technique, and Long-Lasting Beauty

Before beginning the concrete staining process, our professionals undertake thorough preparation, using masking tape to protect areas that aren’t being treated and donning gloves, goggles, and a respirator for safety. We apply the dye using advanced techniques, whether with a brush, roller, or sprayer, to achieve the desired pattern and depth of color. Finally, we seal the finish with a protective coating to ensure durability and beauty for years to come.

Application Areas

Our team of professional flooring contractors can deliver stunning stained concrete flooring in various areas:


Stained residential concrete driveway

Stained concrete driveways provide a durable and long-lasting colored surface, enhancing your curb appeal.


Earth colored stain in concrete patio

Concrete patios emerge with a dramatic appeal, making the surface look elegant and polished.

Pool Decks

Concrete pool deck with brown colored stain

Maintain vibrant and water-proofed pool decks with stains that seal the surface for lasting quality.

Interior Floors

Basement with stain coating

Add a touch of elegance to your ordinary interiors, whether at home or in a business space and captivate anyone who walks in.

Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete entryway floors with stain

Give the floors in your commercial areas a dreamy and alluring appeal with staining applications.

Other Surfaces

Multi-stained concrete driveway

And many more… Achieve an opulent look with stunning stained floors while saving costs.

Transform your space with cutting-edge concrete designs! Contact us now to explore your options.

Looking for the Right and Experienced Stained Concrete Installer?

Achieve a 360-degree transformation for your existing concrete floors by adding stains and dyes that give them unique patterns and character, enhancing the longevity and value of your properties. Rely on our trustworthy and experienced decorative concrete floor experts to achieve the look you desire, with a range of services from epoxy coatings to customized finishes.

Our expert concrete floor contractors work closely with clients and customers, offering maintenance advice and support, ensuring that every project we undertake meets the highest standards. With over ten years of experience providing masterfully crafted floors for residential and commercial properties, we are committed to excellence in every job.

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