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Epoxy Flooring Orlando

Have you ever wished for flooring that stays clean despite your kids running around, your dog playing with their toys, or just some people simply stepping all over your home or business? If so, you are not alone. Most of the property managers find flooring not resilient, charming and appealing.

Make a striking impression in your homes or business with floors that stand out from the crowd with epoxy coatings! Say no more to the cold and undesirable concrete floors, and add decorative floorings to your spaces enhanced with epoxy.

Epoxy floorings are modern applications that elevate your flooring’s functionality! They are best used in garages, basements, laboratories, workspaces, and most commercial areas would include epoxy floors for their multi-functional uses and durability!

Work in progress with epoxy flooring

Want reliable and quality epoxy floors? Only reputable epoxy flooring contractors can provide the flooring improvement solutions you need! Free estimate!

Flooring Contractors in Orlando

We are a team of professional decorative concrete flooring contractors, experts, designers, builders, and installers committed to perfection!

We have more than 10 years of experience designing floors with epoxy, and we have perfected our techniques, ensuring that we install the coatings fast and flawlessly. You can walk on your epoxy-enhanced floors in no time!

Our commitment to client service makes us the top choice for dealing with high-end, top-quality results. With hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, we can identify your needs and match them with the perfect solutions.

If your space lacks visual appeal and needs to elevate its luster, our epoxy floors will come to the rescue for your downgrading floor systems, whether for homes or for business spaces that support heavy duty activities. Look no further than the experts at Concrete Resurfacing Orlando!

Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Orlando

We provide cutting-edge Epoxy Flooring in Orlando! We specialize in installation, repair, refinishing, and resurfacing. So if you have existing concrete floors in your garage, basement, or small retail spaces, we can enhance them with our modern concrete floor coatings, epoxy, urethane, and one-day coatings!

  • Garage epoxy garage floor
  • Residential epoxy floors
  • Commercial epoxy floor coatings
  • Custom epoxy floorings
  • Industrial epoxy flooring for warehouses

Find reputable installers and resurfacers from a top-rated epoxy flooring company in Orlando. At Concrete Resurfacing Orlando, we are dedicated to delivering masterfully crafted flooring solutions and modern applications that will bring seamless aesthetics and durability.

Two contractors spreading epoxy in a commercial area

Epoxy Flooring Choices

Choose from these exquisite epoxy floors in Orlando and other industrial-grade surfaces: epoxy garage floors, residential and commercial spaces, and decorative floors for garages!

Improve your hardcore spaces with surfaces toughen up with skid resistant, stain resistant features. Epoxy garage floors withstand harsh chemicals and heavy foot traffic in commercial settings!

Depending on the purpose and how much work goes into the floorings areas, there is the right flooring solution for you. Choose from these innovative, customizable epoxy applications.

Metallic Epoxy

Add glimmers of light refracting from lustrous flooring to your dim-lit spaces, such as your basements and garages.

Metallic epoxy floors innovate and add personal style to your spaces, suitable for commercial and industrial settings.

Gray epoxy coating in a parking space

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Choose from a range of patterns with epoxy flooring solutions enhanced with chip and flake additives. Or go for a clean, sleek look with clear coatings and excellent garage floor epoxy coatings that elevates form and function.

Add decorative additives of paints and metallic chips for unique, colorful surfaces perfect for your business areas to create attractive interiors.

Spreading gray epoxy

Specialized Epoxies

Get the ultimate flooring solutions with bespoke epoxy floorings. Enhance your spaces, safety, and functionality with our high-grade coatings for moisture barrier, anti-static, and fixing heavy-traffic floors.


Cream colored car parked in an epoxy coated garage floor

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Why use epoxy coating? With its multitudes of benefits, you will go right with adding them to your old concrete floors in your properties. Its 3x more durable features than concrete make these your choice of garage coating and waterproof or moisture barrier for your basement spaces or watery floors like kitchen and manufacturing areas.

Provide your workspaces, showrooms, and garage floorings with these benefits:

Tough as Concrete

Made of resin and hardener, the epoxy material is as tough as concrete, reducing cracks, filling gaps and holes, and leaving nothing but a clean, polished surface on your Orlando garage floors.

Worth of Investment

It's worth the investment and perfect for profitable spaces like those for commercial areas. Providing easy-to-clean floors for low-cost maintenance and zero downtime by keeping the surfaces look clean at all times!

High Gloss Finish

Epoxy coatings provide a high gloss finish that creates a stunning concrete surface. Use metallic epoxy flooring Orlando or combine more than two of your favorite colors to create stunning effects and patterns. 

Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Orlando, Florida

You do not need to go far from your area to find reliable, experienced contractors. Concrete Resurfacing Orlando is a local expert contractor specializing in epoxy floors and concrete coatings. 

With their years of experience working with hardcore projects for residential and commercial properties, they have mastered producing high-quality, slip-resistant floors that work within your budget and within your timeframe.

Our top-notch work is matched with unmatched ethics and dedication to bringing only the best results. 

Our team offers free site visits to assess the right solution for your flooring areas, using a variety of affordable products and smooth application tools to protect and enhance your property. 

Or contact us beforehand to answer any questions and to plan and get a free quote for your job! Our customers trust us to deliver a product that meets their needs every time.



Discover cost-effective industrial-grade flooring solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Transform your floors with expert installation services tailored to your needs. Call us today at (407) 710-0276 to get started!

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