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Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Want to make your ordinary concrete patio stand out? Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando is the top-rated, most trusted contractor that makes seamless, polished, decorative concrete applications. We create patio floor and resurfacing methods for you that bring your property’s exteriors to the next level. We apply stamped concrete, staining, or even a Sundek classic texture for an aesthetically pleasing exterior concrete floor.

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando got you covered for the trendiest patio floor ideas! We work with master crafts with years of experience. We got more than a decade of delivering beautiful, durable concrete patios that clients never fail to love.

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Know more about Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando and our unmatched quality service:

  • Professional concrete contractors
  • Flooring outcomes that add property value
  • Polished at every turn, easy to clean concrete floors
  • Cost-effective resurfacing and installation services
  • Our concrete patio ideas and products never fail to exceed client expectation
  • Our goal is to bring aesthetic, quality work to your patios through decorative concrete resurfacing
  • Simple yet beautiful patios that always stand out
Convinced of our top-rated service and qualifications? Get to know more patio ideas and designs that you can apply to your properties! Consult with reliable Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractors today!

Professional Concrete Patio Contractors

There is nothing like a masterfully crafted patio floor. Only professional installers and resurfacing contractors must enhance your properties’ front ways and front yards and increase their value!

Aesthetically pleasing exterior ensures to add value to homes, commercial spaces, and what you got. See that the pros you work with understand the essence of aesthetics. There are more advantages for you with having experts handle your outdoor concrete. Aside from quality and high-class appeal, you would also get:

  • Clients get assurance of quality patios, durable and beautiful.
  • We offer custom patio floor designs and patterns to coincide with your properties’ themes.
  • We are highly skilled concrete contractors specializing in decorative applications, resurfacing, and repair.
  • We work with dedicated contractors who value our clients and work according to their vision and specifications.
  • Trusted local contractors who capture homegrown values, style, and preferences
  • We are client-centered professionals who cater to any creative direction of the clients and guide them in their decision-making.

Applications Available for Concrete Patios

Stamped Concrete Patio

A professionally built stamped concrete patio lasts longer than you would expect. Concrete stamping is done by using rubber mats with patterns carved on them. It is used as a stamp mat pressed on the freshly poured concrete mix. And you remove the mat, and the design appears on the concrete. That’s simple! There is no need for the complicated machine to make a decorative element on the flooring slab.

Stained Concrete Floor Patio

Staining concrete patios is now becoming more prevalent. It used to be that staining methods were solely for indoor floorings. The stained concrete now belongs to the outdoors with a concrete resurfacing enhancer. Concrete stain would be a great addition to your style, outdoor living rooms, or sun patios. You can make the area an extension of your indoor living rooms or sunrooms with stained concrete.

Sundek Classic Texture

The Sundek Classic Texture adds a distinctive trademark with the mottled look patterns. Everyone would know what decorative flair you add to the surface. Thanks to the knockdown texture, it would be easy to see that the patio floor is comfy and safe to walk on.

It not only has a distinct look that stands out, but the best part of the spray textured patio floor is the assurance of durable and enhanced functionality.

Get exclusive Sundek classic texture to your patios or custom designs that coincide with your exterior properties' themes! Call (407) 710-0276! Consult with an expert concrete patio builder. Get a FREE QUOTE!
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