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Smart Coating Tricks for a Textured Pool Deck

Applying a smart coating to your pool decks can add value and style to your home. Pool deck resurfacing Orlando helps you come up with great ideas and tricks to make your spaces look sleek.

Nowadays, many property owners check their pool deck texture coatings.

Orlando is warm, but it experiences extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and hurricanes that can damage your concrete deck and the pool deck overlays.

But before you begin, there are many options when choosing your desired pool deck overlays. Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando offers you various designs and materials.

Read below for some tricks to apply pool deck coatings effectively.

Stained pool deck finish in a residential area

The Tricks to Do Coating Effectively

It can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-timer who wants your home to have some cool decking. Orlando property owners will often immediately contact pool deck contractors.

Check out the tricks the pros do when coating the pool decks.

1. Before you start pool decking, Orlando has specific rules and regulations you need to follow. So check into the VOC regulations before purchasing a coating product.
2. Check if you see minor flaking, chipping, or peeling before you begin your pool deck resurfacing Orlando, FL. Extreme weather conditions exist in this area. So, you should resurface some plaster surfaces showing signs of severe deterioration before painting.

3. Check if the bare concrete or plaster surface has the texture of medium-grade sandpaper.

If you prepare the surface to remove any roughness, you will achieve the texture you aim for.

4. Always wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear when handling chemicals and paints. Especially if you are not a pool professional, you should always follow all safety precautions.
5. If rain interrupts the pool painting progress, a good rule of thumb is to add one day for the surface to dry for each day of rain.

Things to Keep In Mind When Making A Choice

Spray knockdown coating pool deck with spa and falls feature

So, when you see cracks in a concrete pool deck, it may be time for a pool deck repair.

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando team offers different types of textures and overlays for pool deck coatings. You will always have options.

Before starting your pool deck repair and pool remodeling project, you must remember to have an excellent understanding of how coatings for outdoor concrete work.

1. The type of smart coating you choose will depend on your climate and the amount of traffic your pool deck gets. Here are the top pool deck options:

  • Spray knockdown texture – to learn more about spray knockdown finish, check here.
  • Stain with sealer
  • Stamped pool coping with classic texture 

As mentioned previously, a lot of homeowners have a concrete pool deck. Orlando often has hot weather, but it is also prone to heavy rainfall and hurricanes that can damage your pool deck.

Remember that you must keep the pool deck’s slip-resistant surface.

2. Smart coatings are available in various colors, so you can choose one that complements your home’s exterior paint job.

So there are many options for your pool deck texture coatings to give the outdoor space a fresh look. Orlando is a vibrant city, so you can mix and match the style and colors.

3. Applying a smart coating to your pool deck is a simple process you can do in just a few hours.

You may think it will take months to achieve a complete pool deck knockdown finish, but Orlando now has a lot of companies, suppliers, and contractors that can help you with your home renovation project in case you need more time to do things DIY.

Wrapping Up

The smart coating on your pool deck surfaces is a great way to protect your investment, but it’s just one part of the equation.

It can only do so much with your pool’s surfaces. Pool deck resurfacing has different methods that help you take care of it properly.

So follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when applying the smart coating so that it will last.

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