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Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Do the cracks on the pool decks bother you? Those cracks can grow into severe damage, no matter how thin and shallow they appear. Need pool decking solutions that give early prevention to pool deck issues? Concrete Pool Deck offers affordable and convenient pool deck resurfacing solutions.

spray knockdown pool deck

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando specializes in pool deck resurfacing, repairs, installation, and custom pool deck designs! We can amp up ordinary concrete decks into playful, refreshing, and cool materials that add value to your swimming pool property.

Whether you got a residential or commercial swimming pool, our expert concrete contractors will provide the service you need!

Want to plan and consult your pool deck specifications? Talk to our trusted, top-rated concrete pool deck contractors!

Concrete Pool Deck Applications: Designs Loved By Locals

If you need a custom design or a new material to install, concrete decks bring out the best! Concrete pool decking comes with various methods of application that offer a range of styles and patterns. You may previously have tiles, wooden decks, or travertine, but now you see that concrete outwits these traditional materials.

Enjoy and splash into the following benefits of concrete decking for your pools.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete is your top pick if you need excellent slip resistance, especially for slippery surfaces like the pool deckings!

The stamp patterns give a fun and stylish design on the concrete floor. They also function for slip resistance.

Stained Concrete Pool Decks

When you apply stained concrete around the decks by the swimming pool, a professional contractor would require finishing the surfaces with a concrete sealers. The stained concrete pool decks would have to withstand extreme heat. Or your best move would be to apply staining among semi-humid regions. 

The best result would be a stained pool deck with an acrylic-epoxy-based coating to preserve the pigments and protect the entire slabs. If you’re looking for the best decorative concrete contractor to stain your pool deck, just type in your browser stained concrete contractors near me.

Spray Knockdown Texture

sundek pool deck

Not only that, a knockdown texture spray displays a distinct look on the concrete decks. The spray knock texture has functional benefits, and the most essential is its cooling effect. The knockdown patterns formed after pressing down or trowelling an epoxy-based coating after spraying over the slab.

Choose this pool decking application when you want to amp up the features of the deck you have. What also helps the cooling effect of the coating is the acrylic based compound in has. As the mixture covers the concrete, heat repels, leaving a comfortable bare concrete for barefoot. With that, you got a “cool” deck indeed!

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