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Top 3 Most Popular Concrete Resurfacing Applications

A concrete restoration involves putting down a fresh coat of cement over the original layer. Concrete floor restoration is famous for many purposes. The process enhances the look, safeguards the floor from harm, or extends the floor’s shelf life.

Over time, concrete will form cracks and holes. Patching them can help, but there are better solutions. Resurfacing enables you to save resources in the long run.

Resurfacing is adding another layer to the surface of your floors to strengthen or repair its current state. A resurfacing solution is a quick and easy way to reinforce your concrete floors.

There are many different types of concrete resurfacing applications, but some of the most popular include:

Mansion house with circular brick Driveway

1- Concrete Sealers and Micro-toppings

Concrete sealers and micro-toppings application is a helpful resurfacing solution. The application helps the concrete’s exterior guard the floor against water, discoloration, and other destruction. The concrete sealers enhance the aesthetic view of concrete by making it more even in shade and texture.

You can apply concrete sealers to protect your floor’s surface from damage and staining. Sealers block the pores of a concrete floor and prevent moisture and water absorption that can damage your flooring.

Micro-toppings are an alternative concrete coating that can transform a surface without destroying the present one. Micro-toppings are highly versatile and have many design variations.

Concrete sealers and micro-toppings are great choices if you want a hassle-free resurfacing application. You can use them without removing the existing floor surface, which frees you a lot of time.

Resurfacing through sealers and micro-toppings makes your floors better. However, the process is tedious and requires a lot of effort. It is necessary to get someone skilled to do the resurfacing.

Dealing with materials like sealers and micro-toppings will require professional handling. You can ask for help from Decorative concrete resurfacing Orlando for this project.

2 - Cement or Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are a more substantial layer of concrete laid on top of an existing concrete foundation. Concrete overlays mend broken concrete, establish a new surface finish, or provide thickness and durability to an existing concrete slab.

Cement or concrete overlays enable you to protect your floor without using tiles or carpets. Overlaying is a highly durable and economical choice for resurfacing applications. To get a quotation for cement or concrete overlays option, call Orlando Concrete Resurfacing.

Indeed, a concrete overlay is a long-term solution for your floors. It is low maintenance and has that minimalist style and looks. But overlaying can be tricky to do. You can find a professional team to do the job from Orlando decorative concrete contractor.

Stain and stamped combination of a concrete patio

3 - Concrete Coatings and Epoxy Coatings

Concrete coatings and epoxy coatings safeguard and embellish concrete. You can apply the concrete or epoxy coatings to the exterior surface of the floor. The process may result in a glossy finish, an unshiny effect, or a tactile surface.

Concrete and epoxy coatings are advisable for an aesthetic finish on your floors. Pros from concrete resurfacing Orlando would agree that floors last longer.

Concrete and epoxy coatings can fix floor problems like cracks, spots, and holes. You can understand how to utilize these coatings from Orlando decorative concrete.

Further, epoxy is a delicate material that needs professional handling. Improper use can lead to a failed resurfacing project and health problems. It is ideal to ask decorative concrete contractor Orlando for this.

In Conclusion

Finding the best resurfacing applications option can be challenging. The first step is to ask a team from Decorative Concrete Orlando to help you based on your needs and preference. If you want a flawless resurfacing project, go to concrete resurface Orlando.

Getting a resurfacing application will guarantee the durability of your floors, enabling the longer life of your cement flooring.

However, proper care and maintenance are necessary to make it last. Regular cleaning and checking of your floors are advisable to ensure the quality of your concrete.

The ideal concrete resurfacing technique that will be most suitable for your task will vary depending on the precise requirements of the job.

If you are still determining what kind of application is best for you, speak to an experienced concrete specialist from Concrete Resurfacing Orlando FL.

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