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Essential Guide on How Can You Revive Stamped Concrete After It Fades

You should know that restoring faded stamped concrete to its former glory is easy. But how you fix your concrete depends on how bad it is. Many things can cause concrete to fade. Outdoor floors like your stamped concrete patio Orlando would be exposed to many natural elements like water, salts, and chemicals. It is why you must know who is responsible for it and how to solve it.

It’s going to be hard to diagnose on your own. Good thing you came to the right place to read! This blog will help you figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Faded stamped concrete in patio

Restoring the Stamped Designs: The Process

There are many ways to beautify your stamped concrete again. Here are some processes:

  • Use an antiquing stain
  • Use a colored sealer.
  • Take off the old sealant, refinish, and reseal.
  • Hire a professional to do all these.

But all the processes start with cleaning the concrete using pressure washers. Some people are shocked to find out that the culprit to their stamped concrete is just grime, and that’s why you have to know the intensity of the damage first.

How Worn is Your Stamped Concrete?

To know which process to use and what additional care needs, you must observe the level of damage your floor has. So, how will you know that it needs refinishing?


Faded concrete isn’t the only one you would want to fix. It would be best to inspect even the most minor crack since it might have more significant underlying problems. A professional builder should do a thorough inspection, and they can help by looking at how bad the damage is.


If you ignore cracks, they can worsen by turning into potholes or pitting. It indicates that the concrete is getting weaker, which can cause more serious structural problems and accidents.


Spalling happens most often in high-traffic areas and around pools. This is also very hazardous, so ensure to get help from a professional refinisher to fix the damage.

Water Pools

Water is still the biggest problem for floors and other concrete surfaces. It is a powerful natural force that can wear down and pressure any hard surface. Just look at your driveway, patio, and different concrete slabs. When you see water pools on your driveway or water running down your patio or parking lot, your drainage system might need to be fixed.


Sunken concrete is another kind of damage caused mainly by water pooling. When you don’t have proper water drainage, and it pools on your concrete, the surface weakens and tends to sink.


Over time, the color of concrete fades and changes. Stains and spots may also damage the surface. Oxidation happens when there is too much heat or UV rays; another example is when stains stick more on pool surfaces because of bleach.

All of these can happen because of the following:

  • Weather;
  • Drainage Issues;
  • Wrong application;
  • Chemicals like oil or de-icing agents; and
  • Base concrete moves or expands, or it might be weak;

For issues like drainage and bigger structural damage underneath, it requires more inspection for safety.

See the Difference: Improving Your Home's

The first thing people see is the appearance of your patio, pool deck, or driveway. You should be proud of clean well-colored flooring since it improves the overall ambiance of your home.

Restored and newly stained & stamped patio

Who Does the Work?

Of course, ask a concrete resurfacing expert in Orlando for help when a problem is too big for you to handle. Remember that it’s better to avoid breaking your bank account and stamped concrete even more. You can be your own hero, too, if you seek help from people who can do it.

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