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Sundek Classic Texture: Knockdown Texture Spray

Do you have a hard time finding the right concrete finish for your outdoors? And are you tired of only seeing costly solutions that require days and several processes to finish? When you need a flooring system for the outdoors, you must consider the function. However, your style preferences must not get compromised.

Introducing Spray Knockdown Texture! Today’s top innovator, Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando, works with the “original” creators of the classic spray texture, Sundek. Textured concrete has leveled up, and resurfacing now perfects the application that meets excellent form and function standards.

spray knockdown pool deck

Textured concrete has been a conventional method that decors vertical and horizontal spaces. Now, Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractors provides the spray knockdown finish to transform your ordinary floor spaces at home and among your business spaces.

Here are the places where you can enjoy walking on a classic spray texture:

  • Concrete patios
  • Pool deckings
  • Concrete driveways
  • Vertical walls and floors
  • Entryways and walkways
  • Pool-patios
  • Backyards and front yards

The spray knockdown textured is derived from the 90’s drywall textured. An acrylic-based coating is used to coat the surface, and the tiny peak-like patterns come out of the surface. Before the coating dries up, a towel presses down the layer.

The outcome forms mottled patterns. Those patterns do not only serve as visual decors, and they also become distinct textures that enhance the surfaces’ feel and traction.

Professional Spray Knockdown Installer Contractors

Our team is one of the most reliable concrete flooring companies that employ precision and accuracy, which are essential traits when producing textured concrete. Our spray texture would also be applicable with combinations of other concrete finishings like stenciled concrete, stamped overlay, and custom scoreline finish. We specialize in creating decorative applications for both residential and commercial areas.

Learn more about us!

  • We are Sundek authorized dealer, bringing top rated quality concrete materials and service since 1970
  • Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando expert in decorative applications for both indoors and outdoors.
  • We are dedicated contractors whose final aim is to give customer satisfaction.
  • Client-centered and friendly professionals who work closely with the clients, capturing their vision in tier property improvement
  • Offers cost-efficient solutions so our clients can work and plan even within the budget
  • High-class looking but budget-friendly decorative floors

Benefits Of Spray Texture Concrete Resurfacing

If you have never tried applying the classic texture in your properties before, then now is your time! If you have an outdoor surface or pool decks that you want to give a classic yet innovative look, this is the flooring system.

pool deck spray knockdown

There is more reason why install or resurface your concrete with a spray knockdown finish:

  • Adds value to your property by making the floor surface more durable
  • The knockdown finish improves slip resistance to the surface
  • The spray texture is the best system for cool decking
  • A cost-efficient and effective application that improves floor functions
  • Easy to maintain, repel stains, and resist cracks and other outdoor damages
  • Give a cool to the feet feature perfect for pool deckings
  • Anti Slip surfaces, making the mottled texture an added traction on the floor

Spray Knockdown Texture Areas Of Applications

The knockdown texture is created to enhance outdoor floors. This system works best and perfectly matches pool decks, making the cooling decks.

You can use the spray texture anywhere you need a cool decking that feels comfy and reduces the surface’s warming.

Residential Areas

The spray texture finish is perfect for the pools at your homes. You can transform the decks into a stylish and safe area where you can relax and chill. This would be the best system, especially if you got children to play around the swimming area. A concrete deck that cools even under the sun is safe for walking barefoot.

Aside from the pool deck, you can also apply classic knockdown texture to the following at home:

  • Driveway
  • Walkways
  • Patio
  • Entryway

Improved residential floors with spray knockdown texture add comfort and safety for everyone’s convenience.

Commercial Areas

Do you need to upgrade your commercial pools, driveways, and patios? As a business owner, your goal is to provide convenience and safety for your guests and customers. That is precisely what you would do if you applied functional floor systems for the outdoor space in your commercial areas.

Added Features To Enjoy

Are you one who stays true to the classic trends? You can still love a classic texture but add a modern flair. Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando contractors can add more features and custom ideas according to your liking. Here are some of the unique services you could get from us:

Custom Classic Texture

Combine modern with polished classic spray texture. Keep the distinct original textured concrete and upgrade it with other styles such as coloring, custom concrete stamping stencils, and more.

Exposed Aggregates

Another way to modify the textured concrete is to combine it with an exposed aggregate finish. A single-styled concrete finish is now made more fun with adding other systems to it.

Want a more personalized approach with custom classic or unique finishing with aggregates? Call our local contractors today to plan and consult your project FREE QUOTE!
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