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Concrete Stamping, Classic-Modern Overlays And Concrete Patterns

Are you dealing with cracks in your concrete surface? Or looking to enhance the look of your exterior floors?What about giving a little more extra oomph factor in your patio landscape?


Whether you are a homeowner or having your business space revamped, you don’t need to worry.

Our professional concrete resurfacing pros have solutions for you!

Repair and restore the beauty of your surfaces outdoors, with stamping overlays, and finishings, for backyards, pool deck, even driveways, and more!

Add value to your properties when you style the outdoors and exteriors with stylish, modern-classic stamped overlays. The designs are perfect for any outdoor theme. 

Stamped designs and colors are fully customizable to fit your style while it imitates any natural stone but at a more affordable price. 

Need to update existing stamped concrete overlays in your properties? Or do you want to resurface the outdoor floors with beautifully crafted stamped floor patterns? Or revive the lively look around your front yards, sidewalk, porch and backyards? 

Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando is your leading contractor and artisans who provide seamless and stylish stamped patterns crafted with the strength to last years.

grey stamped concrete patio

Why Work With Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando Contractors?

Beautifully created outdoor floors improve the look of your properties. Significantly, these are features that uplift the curb appeal, the patios and driveways, and even pool deckings in your backyards.

You could manage decorative concrete around the exterior property, maintaining high quality through stamped concrete. 

At the same time, have the outdoor floors maintained easily while it offers you durable and resistant functions.

There are numerous concrete companies but the residential and commercial property owners highly recommends one name – Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando. 

You won’t regret hiring them for your projects all because of the benefits of working with them. 

Our team offers competitive pricing for installation, repair, and sealing services. We use only the highest quality materials and have the expertise to ensure a lasting and professional stamped finish. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the decorative concrete business! 

Know them more with these distinct qualifications of a team of professional contractors.

  • Highly-skilled and dedicated stamped concrete floor contractors
  • Licensed, insured, and top-ranking concrete contractor authorities acknowledge certified professionals.
  • Home-grown contractors work under locally-owned resurfacing companies, making sure to produce outcomes close to clients’ tastes and preferences.
  • Creative professionals who value work ethics and makes sure to finish the job fast, secured and safe from any accidents
  • Works with precision and accuracy to maintain seamlessly and even stamped concrete design outcomes
  • Offers customization for up to date styles and exterior designs
  • Offers free quote for customers
  • Our company is a Sundek authorized dealer making us the top provider of high-class quality and products and a trusted brand of service.
  • Friendly and client-centered contractor that works with the property owner’s vision giving customers nothing less than the best

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Stamped Concrete Contractor: Available Applications

Anywhere you got concrete floors stamping them would make a beautiful outcome. Have a big difference when you see how realistic a stamped design looks as if you are walking on luxury at every step. 

Stamping has quickly gained popularity among homeowners due to its durability and design options. Below are options to apply stylish, classic, and modern stamped designs.


The first thing you see as you enter any house is the entryways, path and walkways. 

Stamped concrete floors would make anyone feel like entering a mansion, a Hollywood-like entourage with a seamless, chic flooring finished with stamps.

Brick colored herringbone pattern stamped entryway
grey stamped concrete patio


Can’t think of any patterns that would instantly make your concrete patio more beautiful? Let us help you bring out the beauty in your patio with our custom-stamped overlays! 

Is your concrete surface worn out but still intact and made of durable concrete? You may want to consider applying a stamped overlay and adding coatings, sealer, or staining it. 

You’ll see a considerable difference afterward!

Pool Decks

Balancing fun and safety around the swimming pool decks? Then there is nothing more agreeable than a pool deck resurfacing! Apply cool decking and trendy stamped concrete pool deck ideas. 

The textures and patterns of stamped concrete and cool decking add a safety system reducing slippery surfaces and making the entire look of the backyard space stylish and refreshing!

Multicolored stamped concrete pool deck
Gray colored stamped concrete driveway


Driveways do not have to remain to look dull and outdated. Resurface any concrete driveway and make them look beautiful at every turn with stamped concrete patterns. 

Stamped concrete designs come in various styles and ideas to choose from. Or have the driveway surface appear with customized designs.

Ask now the contractors near you. Concrete Resurfacing of Orlando is just a call away (407) 710-0276 Or send our team an email to talk about your desired design!

Local contractors allow you to save-cost by being close to homes and any nearby areas. It is now easier to achieve your dream stamped concrete driveways, concrete patios, and even concrete pool decks. 

Closing a deal and handling the contracting process is also made easier with our friendly knowledgeable professionals, who can guide people through the application process.

Take advantage of our concrete stamping expertise and see the results for yourself. Find the perfect solution for your concrete resurfacing needs in Orlando! For more information, contact us now. 

We service the following area: 

Conway, Winter Park, Maitland, Windermere, Sanford, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Fairview Shores, Deltona, Longwood. 

Need to talk to a professional about a patio resurfacing, pool deck pricing or other resurfacing options? Call now (407) 710-0276 and get free estimates for your outdoor resurfacing projects today! Free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Stamped concrete costs between $8 and $18 per square foot. 

Stamped concrete costs vary depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the design, the type of concrete used, and the amount of labor required. For a basic design, such as a simple square or rectangle, the cost of stamped concrete is usually less than $10 per square foot.

Stamped concrete can last for decades if it is properly installed and maintained. The quality of the materials used is a major factor in determining the longevity of stamped concrete.

The most popular design options for stamped concrete are brick, ashlar slate, flagstone and cobblestone. 

Yes, stamped concrete can be used in cold weather climates. It is important to take certain precautions when installing stamped concrete in cold weather climates, however, as the concrete needs to be properly cured and protected from the elements.

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