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Reasons Why Throw Your Garage Rubber Mats for Good?

Rubber mats are a common choice for garage floors among homeowners. But even though they may seem like a cheap and easy solution, they can cause more problems than they solve.

Read this blog post to find out why you should throw away your rubber mats for good.

Choosing a Better Flooring Than Rubber Mats with Garage Floor Coatings

Always protect the garage floor with durable and quality materials. When it comes to safeguarding your garage flooring Orlando the materials you use must ensure the longevity and safety of the floors.

With seemingly endless choices in the market today, picking out the best material can overwhelm you.

Though each material has pros and cons, hiring a specialist to install the floor is recommended.

Using rubber mats is practical in the first place. However, as time passes, the material can last only a few months.

You need to replace it after it wears down.

Let’s talk about the other downsides of rubber floors for a garage.


Garage rubber mats in closeup image

Downsides of Rubber Mats for the Garages

While rubber mats can provide cushioning and insulation, there are still better options for your garage floor. 

Below is a list of why you must throw your rubber mats away for good.


  • Rubber mats have limited durability.
  • While it provides cushioning, it cannot withstand heavy weights and high traffic. 
  • The rubbery smell is harmful to those who install and use it.
  • Under heavy use and heavy pressure, the rubber surface can become smooth, thus making the surface slippery and unsafe.

So, for these reasons, it is best to consider garage floor coatings as a better alternative. They are made from durable materials like epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic. 

Common Mistakes When Choosing and Installing Garage Floors

Sometimes you are tempted to go for the easy way. And that is why you choose light and less durable rubber materials. It is one of the most common mistakes owners make when installing their garage floors.

But there are proper steps to take when installing your garage flooring Orlando and other floor finishes.

For you to do it with precision, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Choosing Flooring Materials Unsuitable for High Humidity and Heat Levels:

Some types of flooring can only last for a short time if there is a lot of moisture or heat. So you must consider the weather in your area.

Red Ferrari car parked in a residential garage with epoxy coating

Improper Floor Prep

Properly preparing your garage floor’s surface is crucial before applying any coating.

Most of the time, the owner left to clean the floor thoroughly and should have repaired existing cracks and holes.

Choosing Unsuitable Materials for Your Needs

Choosing a coating for the amount of use and the type of vehicle or equipment you plan to store in your garage.

Not Applying Concrete Garage Sealers

Not applying a floor coating or concrete sealer when using an epoxy garage floor can make the sealant not stick well enough, causing peeling and other problems.

Common Questions when Looking for the Right Garage Floors

It is time to quickly examine the benefits of durable garage floors in Orlando by answering these frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the best surface for a garage floor?
A: The best surface for a garage floor depends on your needs and preferences. Garage floor coatings like epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic are popular because they last long, resist chemicals, and are easy to clean. Some tiles fit together and stains for concrete.

Q: Is rubber flooring suitable for garage floors?
A: Rubber floors have cushioning and insulation, but it’s not best for garage floors. They also shift and buckle over time, creating tripping hazards. Debris and moisture would also tend to gather underneath the mats over time, worsening the damage.

Q: Which is the best flooring for a garage conversion?
A: If you’re converting your garage into a living space, you’ll want to choose a flooring material that’s comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. And it all depends on your needs and budget.

Q: What is the most durable garage floor finish?
A: Epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic are all highly durable garage floor finishes. These coatings resist chemicals, abrasions, and impact damage, making them ideal for heavy-use environments like garages.

Q: What are the differences between garage floor sealants?
A: Orlando garage floor epoxy is known for its more excellent design options than polyurea and polyaspartic garage floor coatings. Polyurea garage floor coatings can withstand various temperatures and weather conditions, and Polyaspartic garage floor coatings have a faster curing time than epoxy or polyurea coatings.

If you want more about the best garage floor options, follow our blogs or visit our homepage to talk with our experts.

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