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Top 4 Decorative Concrete Options and Their Benefits

There is no doubt that concrete floors are indispensable for any property. The Decorative Concrete Orlando offers a range of designs and benefits that would suit the style and preferences of any homeowner. 

Decorative concrete floors come in various forms of application that will transform any space, indoors and outdoors. Popular methods involve stamping, staining, and applying innovative colored coatings like epoxy. With these basic flooring applications, other customizations are possible. Your dream flooring ideas would be endless.

Stamped concrete residential patio

Decorative Floor Options In Orlando 

Here’s what to look forward to in this discussion.

  1. Epoxy
  2. Stamped
  3. Stained
  4. Spray Knockdown 

Learn more about decorative concrete options that you can adapt to your Orlando-style homes and business spaces. Four make it to their top list. 

1. Epoxy Flooring For Innovative Garage And Commercial Spaces

Not so often that you would pay much attention to the floors. While you see the concrete, grey space hugs every floor, the material is still left unnoticed or undesirable to look at. 

But with epoxy flooring Orlando, you have an attractive garage floor finishes that makes many heads turn. 

Cream colored car parked in an epoxy coated garage floor

2. Stamped Concrete For Stylish Outdoors

Who would’ve thought that your outdoors would be as stylish as indoors? Decorating spaces out in the open, especially outdoor floors, is daunting. But with decorative applications such as stamped overlays, the floor turns into a masterfully crafted piece. 

Your outdoor floors won’t look the same as ever. Stamped concrete Orlando designs mimic other flooring materials that create a luxurious and expensive look on the patio and can turn out to be a marbled flooring or glistening travertine. 

There is also the ashlar stamped concrete which is a traditional masonry pattern. When you design these, the floors imbibe an eccentric, historical look.

Gray colored stamped concrete patio

3. Stained Concrete Floor For Indoors

Staining concrete is one of the conventional ways of decorating floors. The idea of staging is also practiced among other materials such as textiles and other surfaces to provide a long-lasting coloring. Instead of applying paint or other surface pigments, the concrete materials are enacted with staining pigments. That method improves the form and function of the flooring from the inside out. 

The stained patterns create cloud-like streaks that look like marbles. And it results in pigments that look floating on the surface. 

Interior stained concrete floor

4. Spray Knockdown Finish Or Heat Hugging Surfaces Like Pool Decks

Concrete pool decks are one of the versatile features of the outdoors. You can make it a contrasting accent to the warm ray of sun that disperse on the surface. Or a perfect mix of the refreshing green sceneries and bluish skies to make them reflect on the smooth pool decking surface. 

When the sun’s heat hugs the concrete floors outdoors, it sure gets warmed up and may be harsh to the touch. So, the spray knockdown was developed to provide a cooling deck system for the surfaces around the pools. 

Spray knockdown texture in a concrete pool deck

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