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Case Study: Transforming a Business with New Commercial Flooring

Do you want your business space inspired by Google Headquarters? How about a retail store ala Amway Center in Orlando or a dreamy spot like Downtown Disney?

These innovative and out-of-the-box designs inspire the trends that drive business space transformations.

Even if you are a medium to small-sized enterprise, you can create an inviting and unique spot with the help of commercial concrete resurfacing Orlando experts. Bring a fresh look to your spaces by giving your commercial concrete floors a new look.

Tangible benefits can be achieved by addressing the retail store’s challenges and installing appropriate flooring.

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Big Leaps in Small- Medium Business Flooring Designs

Our focus is on a medium-sized retail store located in the heart of a bustling city. Before delving into the details, let’s take a closer look at the business’s challenges and the industry it operates in.

Picture this: a bustling retail store in the heart of a vibrant city. But before we dive into the details, let us quickly introduce the challenges experienced by most retail shop owners. Owners of medium-sized retail stores encountered a common struggle – their worn-out flooring.

The tired appearance failed to draw customers in, resulting in lower foot traffic and reduced sales. On top of that, it gave off an outdated vibe that didn’t resonate with their desired brand image.

But here’s where the magic happens! They decided to take a leap and invest in enhancing their spaces with commercial concrete floor resurfacing methods that suited their needs. They carefully considered flooring that looked visually stunning and modern and offered durability and easy maintenance.

The installation process was a breeze, causing minimal disruption to store operations.

Results of Attention-Catching Floors

Once the new flooring was in place, foot traffic shot up like a rocket, giving the store a fresh breath of life. Customers were drawn in by the inviting atmosphere, leading to increased sales and a significant boost in revenue.

This positive change also enhanced the store’s reputation, inspiring customer trust and loyalty. And that’s not all – the new environment even had a magical effect on the employees, igniting their motivation and productivity.

In fact, a recent survey among businesses that upgraded their flooring revealed that 85% experienced an increase in customer footfall, resulting in a 30% rise in sales. It’s clear that real numbers back the power of new commercial flooring!

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Result #1: Ready-for-Business

The right commercial flooring can make a big difference in the look and feel of a business. Commercial flooring is a major component of a business’s overall appearance. It can set the tone for the entire space and influence how customers and employees feel.

The right flooring will help your space look more striking and one that shouts, “We are ready for business!”

Result #2: Builds Customer-Owner Rapport

It can also improve how customers and employees interact with the space. The type of flooring can affect how people move around an area and how they interact with each other.

For example, smooth, hard flooring might make it easier for customers to walk around a store, while soft, carpeted flooring might make it more comfortable for employees to sit and work.

You can leave it to your flooring to create a more inviting and comfortable environment for everyone visiting your shops, office, etc.

Result #3: Significant Increase in Sales

Applying a commercial concrete floor coating can result in a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction. How?

There are studies that show customers are more likely to spend money in businesses with a clean, well-maintained appearance. New flooring can also make a business more visually appealing, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Additionally, customers who are satisfied with the look and feel of a business are more likely to return and spend more money.

Result #4: More Satisfied Customers and a Productive Work Environment

Employees are also more satisfied with their work environment and more productive when they work in a space with new commercial flooring.

Studies have shown that employees are more productive in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments. A fresh office space or business establishment appearance is achievable with newly resurfaced or refinished floors.

They make a more professional and inviting work environment, increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

Additionally, new flooring can reduce stress and improve employee morale, leading to increased productivity.


Let this case study inspire you! Don’t underestimate how enhancing your commercial flooring can impact your establishment.

By addressing common challenges with the help of professional contractors of Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Orlando, you can choose the right flooring. Imagine the increase in foot traffic, sales, and brand reputation that awaits you.

Ready to take the leap? Our trusted partners are just a call away for expert guidance and to explore flooring options tailored to your unique needs.

Remember, a simple change like new flooring can elevate your business to new heights, capturing the hearts of your customers and creating an environment where success thrives.

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